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Huge blue looping roller coaster. Red flying type roller coaster. Large red looping roller coaster in the mountains that surrounds a large plaza and cafe.
Eerie black roller coaster that surrounds an abandoned church. Blue roller coaster butterfly inversion with tree house in the background. Parkinglot surrounded by a purple launch roller coaster and a blue hybrid roller coaster.
Theme park central square with big blue looping roller coaster and mountains in the background. Red inverted roller coaster and yellow spin ride. Water slides and drop tower ride with yellow dive roller coaster in the distance.
Water slides and drop tower ride with yellow dive roller coaster in the distance.


Mysterious looping roller coaster deep in the forest, mountainous background with night sky.
Park pool with water slides and roller coaster in the background. Park square with blue looping roller coaster and mountainous background.


Summer break in 2009, you find yourself standing alone on what appears to be a deserted road, waiting for the bus. Your destination? A peculiar theme park situated high in the mountains. This park is known to be the best in the world, but it strikes you as odd that no one seems to remember how or when it came to be. It's as if it has always existed.

Rumors about a vanished ride, two missing people, and strange unexplainable sightings have haunted this amusement park's history for the past decade. Despite these persistent rumors, no one seems to believe in them.

However, you have a different plan in mind. You intend to investigate these mysteries and uncover the truth behind them.

Main Characters


She's a temp-hire working at The Theme Park, known for her quick-wit, intelligence, and love for coffee. As a roller coaster engineer, she's considered to be very good her job.

However, there seems to be something more that she's searching for at the park. Perhaps it's the excitement of uncovering something new and unexpected, or maybe she's on a personal mission to discover a hidden truth.

In-game character Kana, she has purple hair in a long pony tail, bangs framing her face, and blue eyes.


Tim is the laid-back manager of the ride management team at the park. Known for his easy-going nature and approachable demeanor, he always puts his employees first.

He can often be found in the meeting room, handling paperwork and ensuring everything runs smoothly. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about the park's history and inner workings, but he doesn't always let on about what he knows.

In-game character Tim, He wears a red shirt, has green eyes and brown hair that is spiked in the front.


Paul is a tired-looking park-goer who was once known for telling tall tales. Though his stories were often dismissed as mere fabrications, rumors persist that he carries a dark secret.

These days, Paul spends his time quietly at the local cafe. His once-energetic demeanor has been replaced by a sense of weariness, and he often seems lost in thought.

In-game character Paul, He is bald, wears a brown shirt, and looks tired.


William was a ride operator who went missing from the park 10 years ago. Despite an extensive investigation, he was never found.

The circumstances surrounding William's disappearance remain a mystery. Some say that he simply wandered off and got lost in the dense forest that surrounds the park, while others believe that it was something more sinister.

in-game character william, black and white missing poster. William has long bangs framing his face.

Roller Coasters

Theme Park Project boasts a number of exhilarating virtual roller coasters that are sure to leave players on the edge of their seats. As they ride these coasters, players can accumulate a ridescore, which keeps track of the number of rides they've taken. The higher the ridescore, the greater the rewards, including in-game prizes, and the opportunity to compete for a top spot on the leaderboard.

Cliff Diver

Perched atop a towering canyon, Cliff Diver reigns as the park's tallest roller coaster, boasting a vertigo-inducing steep drop. Riders will experience an adrenaline-fueled rush as they hurtle down the coaster's first drop, descending a waterfall and into two consecutive inversions.

Yellow dive roller coaster that sits atop a canyon.


Hurricane is an exceedingly rare prototype coaster that provides a smooth and safe ride. What sets Hurricane apart from other coasters is its intensity. The sudden transitions and quick pacing create an adrenaline-fueled ride that will leave even the most experienced coaster enthusiasts breathless.

Light blue hybrid roller coaster that resides over a beach.


Taboo is a launch roller coaster that surrounds the resort's parking lot and spans the Central Area and Beachside District. The coaster launches riders up and over the resort building before plummeting them down into the jungle below, providing a thrilling ride experience with stunning views.

Purple roller coaster track winding throughout a jungle-like location.


Wyvern is an inverted coaster that takes riders on a thrilling journey through a castle on the outskirts of the park. The coaster is well-known for its nine inversions, which provide a heart-pumping ride experience.

Rumor has it that the coaster was built exceedingly fast due to the sudden disappearance of another ride. Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding its construction.

Large red inverted roller coaster, lots of loops. Winds through a forest and castle.

End Bringer

The oldest standing ride at the park. End Bringer spans almost the entire length of the park. The coaster takes riders from the Central Square to the Beachside District where riders are taken high above the sea below.

Featuring 6 inversions End bringer is known for it's iconic interlocking loops and winding corkscrews. Over the years the roller coaster has become a fan favorite among coaster enthusiasts and casual park-goers alike.

Blue roller coaster butterfly element with tree house in the background.

Unlockable Rides

Some of the most exciting roller coasters aren't accessible right from the start. As players progress through the story and increase their ride score, they'll unlock new areas and gain access to even more exciting coasters.

Blue looping roller coaster double loops with cobra roll in the background and coaster lift in the foreground.

More Than a Theme Park

Theme Park Project is an online open-world game and social hangout centered around a story taking place at a fictional theme park. Featuring interesting NPCs, virtual rides, player owned housing, and a 3 chapter story mode. There's never a dull moment!

Players can also fish with friends and discover in-game lore through virtual books. Make your mark with customizable titles and player-owned housing. With hours of gameplay, each visit to the park is sure to leave you with something new to discover.


Embark on an epic journey through the world of Theme Park Project, filled with zones and locations just waiting to be explored. Whether you're searching for hidden secrets or simply seeking to relax, this adventure-packed game has something for everyone.

White map icon.

Your Own Home

Create your dream living space in the game! Customize everything from the walls to the floors and furniture, you can truly make it your own.

Earn upgrades by paying off your debts and transform your humble abode into a coveted mansion. Let your creativity run wild and design the perfect home for your virtual adventures!

White gear acon with house in the middle.


Choose from a wide range of unique titles to customize your character and stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but you can also switch up your in-game deployable rest chair to relax in style and comfort.

With unlimited customization options available, Theme Park Project offers endless possibilities to express yourself and play the game your way.

White gear icon with wand in the middle.


Deliver important letters to the park's visitors while exploring the vast surroundings.

Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated completionist, the postman job is a unique and exciting way to earn in-game currency and become a part of the park's community.

White letter icon.


Ascend to new heights as you scale towering attractions to keep them in top condition. Traverse catwalks and ladders to repair and maintain roller coasters, ferris wheels, and other thrilling rides.

Earning in-game currency with each successful repair, you'll ensure the park remains a safe and exciting destination for all visitors.

White wrench icon.


Theme Park Project is under attack by a mysterious vandal known only as 'The Painter.' Take matters into your own hands and fight back against their graffiti by cleaning up the park and restoring it to its glory.

Not only will you be saving the park, but you'll also earn valuable in-game currency for your efforts.

White text that says 'paint the park'.